IGCC – AIGCC – GIF Webinar - Mobilising Private Investment in Resilient Infrastructure

As we look toward a post-COVID-19 era, investing in sustainable infrastructure is crucial for reigniting global growth, attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and reducing climate risk. However, it is generally recognized that additional investments in the billions of dollars per year are needed to make infrastructure resilient to disasters and climate change.

The 120-minute webinar was an open dialogue among more than 110 participants representing the investment Group on Climate Change (IGCC), Asia Investment Group on Climate Change (AIGCC), and Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) members and partners, and invited developed and developing country government participants, along with multilateral development banks (MDBs) active in the Asia-Pacific region. Through two distinct but related sessions that examined four areas of interest—multi-level integrated planning, systems-based approaches, data collection and accessibility, and the business case for investing in A&R, the webinar explored emerging practices of government and private sector investment in A&R and ways to support and accelerate it.


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