Vietnam Electricity Obtains its First Rating Supported by GIF and the WB Energy GP

Vietnam Electricity (EVN) is assigned a Long-Term Foreign Currency Issuer Default Rating of ‘BB’ with a ‘Stable Outlook’ and a senior unsecured rating of ‘BB” which is the same as the sovereign... More »

GIF AC Meeting April 2018 – GIF portfolio presentation

GIF AC Meeting April 2018 - CEEW presentation

GIF AC Meeting April 2018 - Transaction Spotlight: Brazil Highways

What's New @ the GIF - April 2018

A message from our donor, signing ceremony with... Read More>>

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GIF AC Meeting April 2018 - Program Materials

Resilient Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Contracts and Procurement - The Case of Japan

Webinar: Toll Road PPPs: Identifying, mitigating and managing traffic risk

Through PPP models, toll revenues can be used to service private sources of finance that can enable fiscally-constrained governments to fund new road construction, improve existing roads and... More »

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - FX Solutions for Infrastructure session

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - From Concept to Conception session - IPG

The Global Infrastructure Facility: What is it really and what have we been doing?

By Towfiqua Hoque

From “Billions to Trillions”, to the Hamburg Principles and Ambitions, to Maximizing Finance for Development(MFD), mobilizing private capital to deliver on the sustainable development agenda is in the spotlight. Realizing that constrained public and multilateral development bank (MDB) funding cannot fully address the critical...Read more 

Three ways to manage construction risk to support infrastructure investment

By Eric Dean Cook

At the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) Advisory Council Meeting in March, we talked about construction risk and the way it shapes the delivery environment early in a project’s investment life. As a practicing engineer accustomed to attacking construction risk at the granular level, I enjoyed the broader discussion, particularly from the banking and credit perspective (meeting outcomes). Read more

A portrait of PPPs in Latin America

By Gaston Astesiano

As in many regions, countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are underinvesting in infrastructure—spending in the sector is only about half of the $300 billion needed annually to encourage growth and reduce poverty. Addressing this issue involves the successful interaction between public officials... Read More>>

Why addressing FX risk could hold the key to infrastructure investment

By Julie Monaco

The world is crying out for new infrastructure. In emerging market countries, growing populations and rapid urbanization mean that cities are struggling to keep pace with the needs of citizens. Meanwhile, infrastructure is outdated in many developed countries. Yet there is a $1 trillion annual shortfall in infrastructure... Read More>>

Traffic Risk in PPPs, Part III - Allocating Traffic Risk: Prophet & Loss

By Matt Bull

This is the final blog in a three-part series on traffic risk in PPPs   As explained in the previous two blogs – Traffic Risk in Highway PPPs, Part I: Traffic Forecasting and Traffic Risk in PPPs, Part II: Bias in Traffic Forecasts – traffic risk is inevitable, given our imperfect ability to predict traffic and revenue a long way (often several decades) into the future. Read more...

Ukraine: How international partnerships are contributing to the development of transportation infrastructure

By Yuriy Husyev

Read this blog in Ukrainian

Infrastructure in Ukraine, Europe’s largest country, is extremely underdeveloped. Without significant investment, it cannot support the existing or future needs of our economy or population. The reasons are many: decades of mismanagement under Soviet rule, economic crisis, and more recently, the conflict in the Donbass.  ...... Read More »

Traffic Risk in PPPs, Part II: Bias in traffic forecasts—dealing with the darker side of PPPs

By Matt Bull

This is the second of a three-part series on traffic PPPs.   "It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so." – “The Big Short”  Forecasting traffic accurately is a very difficult and thankless task. Read more...

Traffic Risk in Highway PPPs, Part I: Traffic Forecasting — It’s ok to be wrong, just try to be less wrong

By Matt Bull

This is the first of a three-part series on traffic risk in PPPs Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.  – Professor Nils Bohr, Nobel Laureate Professor Bohr was right: prediction is hard work. As a species, we don’t have difficulty making predictions...Read More >>

The Global Infrastructure Facility: Closing the infrastructure gap by building country capacity

By Henrique Pinto

It is well-established that the lack of infrastructure is one of the main problems facing developing countries. Good infrastructure is one of the most important drivers for development and competitiveness. The question that follows is straightforward: how can we mobilize private financing for high-quality infrastructure investment in these countries? Read more

The Global Infrastructure Facility: fulfilling its mission

By Akihiro Tsuchiya

Nearly two years ago, the Global Infrastructure Facility, or the GIF, began its mission to develop bankable, sustainable infrastructure projects in developing countries that are attractive to investors. Being a partnership of multilateral development banks, private sector partners, donors and beneficiary countries, we have the knowledge and resources to make that happen. Read More