GIF AC Meeting April 2018 - Program Materials

Resilient Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs): Contracts and Procurement - The Case of Japan

Webinar: Toll Road PPPs: Identifying, mitigating and managing traffic risk

Through PPP models, toll revenues can be used to service private sources of finance that can enable fiscally-constrained governments to fund new road construction, improve existing roads and... More »

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - FX Solutions for Infrastructure session

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - From Concept to Conception session - IPG

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - From Concept to Conception session - GIF

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - Big Movers Panel: Nigeria

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - Big Movers Panel: Brazil

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - Project Briefs

GIF AC Meeting October 2017 - GIF One Step Beyond

The Global Infrastructure Facility: Closing the infrastructure gap by building country capacity

By Henrique Pinto

It is well-established that the lack of infrastructure is one of the main problems facing developing countries. Good infrastructure is one of the most important drivers for development and competitiveness. The question that follows is straightforward: how can we mobilize private financing for high-quality infrastructure investment in these countries? Read more

The Global Infrastructure Facility: fulfilling its mission

By Akihiro Tsuchiya

Nearly two years ago, the Global Infrastructure Facility, or the GIF, began its mission to develop bankable, sustainable infrastructure projects in developing countries that are attractive to investors. Being a partnership of multilateral development banks, private sector partners, donors and beneficiary countries, we have the knowledge and resources to make that happen. Read More

How the GIF helps governments build successful infrastructure projects

By Jason Zhengrong Lu

Nothing about infrastructure is quick, easy or cheap. Every step—conceptualization, feasibility studies, design, financing, construction, operations, maintenance, and stakeholder communications—takes a lot of time, money, coordination and planning. Read More...

Infrastructure is rewarding…but requires patience

By Bayo Oyewole

Developing viable infrastructure projects is tough in the best of circumstances. And over the last few years I’ve learned, first-hand, that developing them in emerging markets and developing countries is even tougher. Read more...