PPP Contractual Provisions-WBG

Pension Investment in EMDEs-WPC

Moody's-Rating Methodology - Construction Risk in PPP projects

Moody's-Project Finance Default Study (1983-2015)

LAC Panel - Peru

LAC Panel - Colombia

LAC Panel - Argentina


Work on designing the GIF Downstream Financing Window (“DFW”) started in FY2016 and continued throughout FY2017 with a focus on gap analysis and instrument design. This work included an in-... More »

Overview of GIF Support

Working through MDB partners (Technical Partners), the GIF supports Governments in bringing well-structured infrastructure projects to market in a way that expands the infrastructure finance... More »

GIF Advisory Council Meeting

The objective of the panel discussion is to explore how construction risks in emerging markets and developing economies are typically mitigated or managed. To the extent that some of these... More »