Enabling Private Sector Investment In Adaptation: Current Baseline, Barriers To Investment And Proposed Blueprint For Action

A new World Bank report with contributions from the Global Infrastructure Facility identifies ways to overcome key barriers to private sector investment in adaptation and resilience, laying out... More »

Investing in a Resilient Future for the Caribbean

About 400 public and private representatives interested in sustainable infrastructure and PPP policies and investment in the Caribbean region attended a half-day GIF webinar co-organized... More »

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IGCC – AIGCC – GIF Webinar - Mobilising Private Investment in Resilient Infrastructure

As we look toward a post-COVID-19 era, investing in sustainable infrastructure is crucial for reigniting global growth, attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and reducing climate... More »

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Supporting Competition to Deliver Baseload Energy in Uzbekistan

Sector: Energy Partners: IFC GIF Activity: PPSA - Uzbekistan Syrdarya CCGT Funding: $2,000,000   ... More »

The developing world is crying out for greater private investment in sustainable infrastructure

The View by  and ... More »

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Closing the Infrastructure Gap

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global health and economic challenge. The situation is particularly acute for emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs), where... More »

The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Emerging Market Infrastructure Finance & PPPs PART III: MAPPING A WAY FORWARD: WILL ASIA LEAD THE RECOVERY?

The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) completed its three-part webinar series on The Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Emerging Market Infrastructure... More »

Helping Brazil’s Municipalities with Energy Efficient Street Lighting

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Sharing PPP Best Practice for Wastewater

Sector: Water Partners: World Bank, IFC, MoE  GIF Activity: PPSA - Gaborone Wastewater Funding: $750,000 Reuse... More »

Promoting Competition in Ethiopia's Telecommunications

Sector: Telecommunicaitons Partners: MoF, World Bank, IFC GIF Activity: PPSA - Telecom License Award  ... More »

What's new @ the GIF - Jan 2021

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What's new @ the GIF - Sept 2020 (COVID-19 Special Edition)

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This accreditation process would be developed by the Governing Council, drawing on previous experience with similar Partnership Programs, following the relevant Bank Guidance, and seeking to create an open, transparent, and efficient process.

OVERVIEW SUMMARY Investments in low-carbon, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure are key to economic growth in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement Commitments. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was estimated that the Caribbean needed to invest approximately US$150 billion each year, to close the infrastructure gap. These estimates are expected to rise due to the pandemic, hence the need to catalyse private investment is heightened. With this in mind, on 28th January 2021 the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC), with strong support from the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPPs), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), IDB Invest and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), jointly delivered a webinar, entitled “Investing in a Resilient Future for the Caribbean. This four-hour webinar was an open conversation among around 400 participants at any given time and 23 presenters, featuring lively panel discussions and probing questions from the floor. In addition to discussions on key aspects of PPP projects and programs, the webinar also presented the Caribbean PPP Pipeline, a listing of current investment opportunities in resilient, sustainable infrastructure in the region. See Appendix 1 for webinar metrics and participant comments, and Appendix 2 for the PPP Pipeline.

The Global Infrastructure Facility Operating Guidelines provide specific guidance relating to the processes and procedures which are applicable to GIF Activities and operations.

Our future resilience depends on smart infrastructure investment today

By By Jerome Jean Haegeli and Makhtar Diop

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global health and economic challenge. The situation is particularly acute for emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs), where investment is diverted from long-term priorities such as infrastructure. Yet developing sustainable, quality infrastructure can both strengthen the pandemic response today and support economic recovery tomorrow. A focus on “building back better” can address long-standing challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed critical weaknesses in today's infrastructure... Read More »

Climate finance: Creating the conditions we need to invest in emerging markets


As we enter 2021, the world faces an enormous challenge: rebuilding our economies devastated by COVID-19. While vaccines hold the promise of economic recovery, we have a long road ahead and much work to accomplish. But in this arduous recovery, private investors, lenders, and developers also see great opportunity to accelerate investments that support the transition to low-carbon economies. While the circumstances that led to this opportunity are catastrophic, the timing is fortuitous. ... Read More »

Using government guarantees carefully as the private sector redefines bankability

By Jenny Chao and Jason Zhengrong Lu

As PPP projects suffer from supply chain disruptions and lower demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the private sector will start to redefine bankability and seek to transfer more risks to the government. To that end, there is likely increased demand for government guarantees.y. Read more..

A simple way to close the multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure financing gap

By Jason Zhengrong Lu

The COVID-19 global health pandemic has swept the world at an unprecedented speed and scale. Once the acute phase of COVID-19 is over governments will need infrastructure more than ever, but they don’t have the resources to fully finance their needs. Here's a proposal to increase private sector participation by investing in project preparation and development. Read more 

We need to act now for sustainable infrastructure investments

By Jerome Jean Haegeli

The public and the private sectors have a shared interest in sustainable economic growth and resilient infrastructure. Yet, today's reality is that global economic growth is weak, while downside risks remain concerning. Coupled with this is the toll climate change continues to take on our planet and the unpredictable future it brings. Read more...

How Mexico City is fighting climate change and creating bankable opportunities

By Diana Alarcon Gonzalez

Cities are the engines of economic growth—creating jobs and connecting people to global markets. They are often bedrocks of political power, centers of excellence and innovation, and the epicenters of a country’s rich cultural and historical identity. Cities are also where the interconnectedness of infrastructure challenges and opportunities are most on display. Read more... 

Municipal infrastructure needs more investment: harnessing private capital (responsibly!) will help

By Rob Pilkington and Marianna Buchalla Pacca

With more than half of the world’s population now living in cities, and cities now responsible for 75 percent of global CO2 emissions, finding practical ways for subnational governments to accelerate delivery of infrastructure, in a sustainable fashion, has taken on new urgency. Read more

How Singapore and the GIF are bridging the infrastructure gap in Asia and beyond

By Kathy Lai

With support from the World Bank Group, Singapore invested heavily in infrastructure during the early stages of our growth. This included 14 World Bank loans between 1963 and 1975, which financed the development of the deep sea terminal at the Port of Singapore... Read More>>

An optimist’s view on climate-smart infrastructure

By Vasuki Shastry

In developed countries, we tend to take infrastructure services for granted. It’s easy to forget, when living in London, Washington, or Singapore, how much lies behind the simple act of switching on the lights. But as a young person growing up in India in the 1960s, I knew what it was like to live with rampant electricity shortages and terrible roads.  Read More >>

The GIF: Having what it takes to develop infrastructure

By John Larkin

Australia’s involvement in the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF)—as a founding member, and co-chair of the advisory council over the past year—underscores our commitment to lift investment in global infrastructure, which is a critical component to ensuring economic growth and poverty Read More>>