The Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), a G20 initiative, is a global collaboration platform that integrates efforts to boost private investment in sustainable, quality infrastructure projects in developing countries and emerging markets. We enable collective action among a wide range of partners – including donors, development finance institutions, country governments, with inputs of private sector investors and financiers – to leverage resources and expertise and find solutions to build bankable pipelines of infrastructure projects that attract private financing.

Quality infrastructure drives economic growth, social progress, and climate action. Nowhere are low-carbon, climate-resilient, sustainable infrastructure needs greater than in emerging markets, where infrastructure deficits are large at best and staggering at worst.  



Across developing countries, many people lack access to basic infrastructure services.


people live more than 2 kilometers from all-weather roads


people lack electricity


people lack internet access


people do not have safely managed drinking water services


people do not have safely managed sanitation services


Recognizing that public budgets alone are insufficient to fund these deficits, development finance institutions and governments are increasingly looking to private capital to close the infrastructure investment gap. One of the most significant challenges to attracting private finance is the lack of bankable investment opportunities. GIF tackles head-on this challenge by providing end-to-end advisory services to client governments and our multilateral development bank partners.


GIF was established in 2014 as a G20 initiative in response to this challenge. We address the shortage of high quality, bankable infrastructure projects through the provision of end-to-end transaction advisory services and support to governments and multilateral development banks.


We do this by bringing to market high quality, sustainable infrastructure projects and expanding the market for private infrastructure finance in economic and social infrastructure sectors.

Our Mission


Our global portfolio supports design, preparation, and structuring across economic infrastructure – energy, water and sanitation, transport, municipal solid waste, and information and communications technology (ICT) –  that reflect thematic areas of climate-smart and connectivity and integration, as well as social infrastructures such as healthcare and education. At each stage of the project preparation lifecycle, the GIF provides continuity and line-of-sight from “idea to investment” and “concept to closing."


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We are a center of excellence in sustainable infrastructure project preparation. Our unique business model goes beyond traditional project preparation facilities by coupling funding with an agile, hands-on team of technical experts, offered to each client government and multilateral development bank partner, complementing and building in-house capabilities, addressing capacity gaps, and enhancing quality and standards. From project concept through to financial closing, we provide comprehensive design, appraisal, structuring, and transaction support to bring sustainable, quality infrastructure projects to market, that attract private investment where it's needed most.