The GIF’s Governing Council oversees strategic direction, programming, financial management, as well as operational policies and procedures. It holds the GIF accountable for delivering on its objectives and abiding by its principles. It is comprised of funding, implementing, and beneficiary partner representatives and co-chaired by the World Bank and a funding partner.




The GIF is supported by the generous contributions of its Funding Partners who provide financial contributions and strategic guidance to the GIF. 

The GIF projects are implemented and led by its Technical Partners from the multilateral development banks. The GIF works side-by-side with its Technical Partners to provide needed engineering, financial, economic, or legal expertise.

The GIF's Advisory Partners are the voice of the private sector and ensure that well-structured and bankable infrastructure projects are brought to market in a way that attracts private capital while meeting the needs of governments and service users.  

The GIF's Beneficiary Partners represent the governments of developing countries that may benefit from where GIF-supported infrastructure programs and projects are implemented.  

The Governing Council members and advisory partners make up the Advisory Council. Through the Advisory Council, GIF is able to serve its function as a global collaboration platform. It is co-chaired by a World Bank representative and a private sector advisory partner. 


Built on a Strong Foundation of Principles and Frameworks

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