GIF at COP28

With the UN Climate Convention UNFCCC COP28 just around the corner, the urgency to deliver sustainable infrastructure and propel the energy transition has never been more critical. We are pleased to bring the GIF's latest updates and accomplishments, showcasing our steadfast commitment to climate-smart infrastructure. The GIF will feature prominently at COP28. Here's a concise overview of the exciting events we have planned on the ground in Dubai and the latest update of our recent activities and climate action impact.

Upcoming GIF Events at COP28:

Join us in the following GIF led high-level events to delve into the discussion and climate action:

1.    Carbon Action Forum: Leveraging Carbon Markets to Mobilize Capital 
December 5 | 11:00-11:45 GST | In person: WBG Pavilion, B6 Building 70
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2.    Climate -Smart PPPs: Building Low-Carbon and Resilient Infrastructure in Partnership with the Private Sector  
December 6 | 15:40-16:40 GST | In person: UNFCCC Capacity Building Hub (Blue Zone) 
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3.    Green Hydrogen: Powering the Climate Transition
December 8 | 9:30-10:30 GST |In person: Climate Action Stage Madinat Jumeirah Conference Centre
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Additional events where the GIF will be featured: 

4.    Financing Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure with FAST-Infra Label  
December 4 | 11:30-12:30 GST | In person: Chez ICC Pavilion, Blue Zone  
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5.    Green Cities:  Scaling-up Finance for Sustainable Urbanization
December 6, 13:30-14:30 GST | In person: COP28 Presidency's Global Climate Action Space, Blue Zone  
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6.    Mobilizing Private Investment in the Energy Transition
December 9 | 15:30-16:30 pm GST | In person: MDB Pavilion Stage  
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Latest GIF Climate Updates and Achievements

1.    Private Sector Mobilization for Low-Carbon Resilient Infrastructure:
GIF is addressing climate challenges by fast-tracking the identification and structuring of low-carbon, resilient infrastructure projects. As a global G20 public-private infrastructure platform, GIF connects the MDB system and bankable projects with private investors, fostering diversified infrastructure portfolios. The efficiency of public resources utilization is highlighted, with every dollar from GIF in project preparation leading to a transformative impact, mobilizing $100 in private sector investment.

2.    Climate Credentials and Substantive Emission Reduction:
GIF demonstrates a strong commitment to climate action, with 93% of its portfolio over the last 36 months dedicated to initiatives aligned with the joint MDB methodology for Paris Alignment. Substantial emission reductions are achieved through renewable energy, electric transport, and energy efficiency projects. Existing project structuring support activities are anticipated to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 51 million tons of CO2 annually. 

3.    GIF Featured in the G20 Independent Experts Group Report:
GIF's prominent feature in the G20 Independent Experts Group Report underscores its distinctive role in amplifying project preparation and private capital mobilization for sustainable infrastructure and climate finance. The report highlights GIF's strategic approach, seamless public-private collaboration, and programmatic initiatives, positioning GIF as a pivotal contributor to Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) reform and a significant player in climate action.

4.    Accelerating the Energy Transition and Championing Innovation:
GIF actively supports the development of innovative technologies for the energy transition, including green hydrogen projects in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East and North Africa regions. Leveraging its public-private collaboration platform, the GIF aims to scale up support for voluntary carbon markets, contributing to global emission reduction efforts.

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