Preliminary Findings Report on Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Private Participation in Infrastructure

Integrating gender inclusive considerations in the planning and implementation of infrastructure is critical to promote the equity of access to key infrastructure services and create positive and equitable benefits for both women and men. While significant material is available on gender in infrastructure, there are limited resources and guidance on the promotion of gender equity in private participation in infrastructure and the underlying business case, which is thus often seen as an additional cost without the related financial benefits.  It is within this context, that the Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF) and Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF), housed within the World Bank, embarked on a larger, multi-product project on closing gender-related project gaps in infrastructure and aligning private sector investment decision-making around gender inclusion.  The Preliminary Findings Report on Gender Inclusive Approaches in Private Participation in Infrastructure was produced as an input to the G20-Infrastructure Working Group under the Indonesian Presidency, which explores and demonstrates how addressing project-related gender gaps can enhance the overall sustainability of those projects through investor survey responses and cases studies. The insights drawn from the preliminary report will also inform the development of a Gender Toolkit which will provide detailed guidance on how gender gaps can be identified and addressed in the upstream and midstream stages of the infrastructure PPP lifecycle.