Investing in a Resilient Future for the Caribbean

About 400 public and private representatives interested in sustainable infrastructure and PPP policies and investment in the Caribbean region attended a half-day GIF webinar co-organized with seven partners on January 28, 2021. To better understand the Caribbean region’s state of sustainable infrastructure investment, the webinar looked at the challenges and unique opportunities to scale private investment in low-carbon, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure in the region.

Its objects were to generate awareness of opportunities in the Caribbean through in-country examples of successful infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships, showcase innovative finance solutions that can play a catalytic role in scaling private sector infrastructure investment in the Caribbean, promote a pipeline of current infrastructure investment opportunities in the Caribbean, highlight work of regional and multilateral development banks active in the region.  

The webinar's organizing partners include the Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP), Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), Global Affairs Canada (GAC), Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), IDB Invest, International Finance Corporation (IFC), and World Bank (WB).

Watch the full video here 

Session One: Building a Sustainable Future in the Caribbean: Mobilizing Private Investment in Resilient Infrastructure

Session Two: Pipeline Opportunities for the Private Sector in Caribbean PPPs

Breakout Session 1: Jamaica’s PPP Pipeline

Breakout Session 2: Solar PPP Programs in The Bahamas and Trinidad & Tobago 

See the webinar presentations here:   Jamaica PPPs   The Bahamas Solar PPP   Trinidad & Tobago

See Caribbean PPP Pipeline List here

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GIF, GAC, CCPPP, CDB, IDB, IDB Invest, IFC, World Bank