GIF’s Advisory Council is the core of its “global collaboration platform”. By convening GIF’s Funding, Technical, and Advisory Partners, council meetings are a platform for rich dialogue among infrastructure decision-makers who represent governments, MDBs, donors, and private investors -- all aiming to find solutions that will expand the market for private infrastructure financing throughout EMDEs.

By harmonizing our efforts, leveraging resources, exchanging knowledge, and enabling collective action, GIF is able to support sustainable infrastructure programs and projects in emerging markets that will mobilize private capital at scale.

The 11th Advisory Council Meeting called “Investing in a Resilient Future” was held on May 10-11, 2021 in a virtual setting. The meeting offered insights on the importance of innovation and sustainability as key drivers for building more resilient infrastructure, able to withstand future shocks -- especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and an intensifying climate crisis. 

  • Advisory Council meetings are bi-annual events that create a space for GIF Partners to share experiences, discuss current topics,  and cultivate new ideas on emergent trends in infrastructure finance.

  • Updates on the GIF's objectives and operational activities as an infrastructure Project Preparation Facility may be spotlighted, as well as market barriers and opportunities relating to long-term financing for EMDE infrastructure projects and programs and changes in market conditions as they relate to the overall strategy and operations of GIF.

  • Advisory Council leadership takes the form of two co-chairpersons, comprised of a World Bank Group representative who is a member of senior management and an Advisory Partner who represents the private sector.  


Current Advisory Council Co-Chairs: 

Mari Pangestu, GIF Advisory Council Co-Chair and Managing Director of Development Policy & Partnerships, World Bank

Daniel Zelikow, GIF Advisory Council Co-Chair and Global Co-Head, Infrastructure Finance & Advisory, and Global Head, Public Sector, J.P. Morgan


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